They Took Our Souls!

TTOS! is a platforming side-scrolling game intended for the Android and iOS platforms. This project was created as part of a game prototyping class over a the course of 8 weeks.

Credits: Original concept, game design, testing and music.


  • Ray Barrera: Design and Original Concept
  • Brett Bieling: UI Design
  • Andrea Emmes: Producer/Artist
  • Peter Kim: Artist
  • Antonio Mole: Programmer

Design Doc: Click Here (Sections 1-4 were done by me, the rest were filled in by other team members.)

From Sketch to Concept

The Prototype

The game was originally intended for mobile devices, so not all functionality is available. Furthermore, this is a prototype, and an early one at that, so soul collection and end-goal are not implemented.

  • W,A,S,D or Up, Down, Left, Right for movement
  • Spacebar for Jump (and accept in main menu)
  • Jump on enemies to release their held soul.
  • Jump off walls by hitting the jump button at the right time.

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