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Microsoft <3 Xamarin

Microsoft has acquired Xamarin. It has finally happened, and while a few years back this would have been horrifying news, I’m actually OK with it now.

This news is exciting for a few different reasons. It raises many questions, and opens up a whole ton of possibilities for .NET development in a multi-platform world.

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7 Random Tips for Unity Developers

I’m fairly active in the Unity community, both locally, and online. During my time working as a Unity dev, I’ve seen some bad code, a lot of horrible code, and some good code. I’ve been been lucky enough to feast my eyes upon some great code. The tips that follow are merely based on my observations and experience.

I’m by no means a programming god, and these are not commandments, but I’ve found some success in following these tips. Hopefully some of you can find these helpful as well.

Without further ado, let’s begin:


Open Street Map to Unity Tool

I worked on a short script a while back that parses OSM data and uses it in Unity 3D. It was written in C#.

You can grab it and contribute to the project here:


It is a very crudely-written script. It was a quick, messy attempt to actually get the data from OSM into Unity. There are lots of issues with it, the main one being how SLOW it is, probably because of the constant referencing back and forth between arrays.  I originally wrote this code for myself for s and giggles, so I didn’t comment it, but it’s rather short and straight-forward (hurray for Structs).


Suggestions always welcome 🙂