Tweaking AI Behavior

I did some work on the SBV State Machine today. I’m making it as open-ended as possible, to allow for easy integration with our custom mission system. Sadly, there is not enough time in a day!  

Unity 3.5 NavMesh Feature

I’ve been playing a lot with the Unity NavMesh feature lately and I gotta say, it’s a really fun feature. There have been several third party solutions to pathfinding for Unity, and I’ve used a few of them myself, but Unity’s just has that je ne sais quoi. The API is very user-friendly, and ¬†building new NavMeshes is as easy as clicking a button. The only (major) drawback I can think of is that it’s exclusive to the Pro version. While this makes the Pro version more appealing (as if it needed to be), it leaves out a very important feature that Unity’s competitors have had for a long time. We’ll see how far I can push this system before I break it!

Subvert Development

I recently posted on Indie DB about my project, Subvert, regrading a change of direction. This was in response to community feedback, industry vet advice and, above all, a team consensus. In a nutshell, we’re starting over, but not really. Cryptic, right? The new Subvert will most likely have a different title/subtitle and will be a completely different type of game. ¬†At the same time, we’ll be keeping a surprising large portion of the initial design in place. We’re basically trimming the fat. We want to stay true to the core principles of the game, but take on a project of the right scope for our team. As much as we’d love to make the game we originally envisioned, it’s not in the cards right now, and making […]

GDC Over!

GDC and San Francisco were fun as always. I met some great people and had fun with friends. I look forward to coming back!    

New Mod in Portfolio Section

Warcraft 3 MOD Design Concept Description: Dungeon Master is a dungeon crawler map for WarCraft 3. A team of 4 players fight their way through several unique dungeon-rooms and face off against several bosses. Completing certain objectives leads to obtaining higher scores and achievements. In addition, more skilled players can choose a Hardcore Mode to take on an additional challenge. DUNGEONS HEROES CREATURES