Canny is the first game I ever worked on. It was the test project for a club I started at the Art Institute of California – Hollywood, The Game Developer’s Club. ┬áCanny is a side-scrolling action-packed shooter. It draws inspiration from great games in the genre like Metal Slug, Megaman and Metroid.

This game has gone through several iterations and served as a stepping stone into full-fledged game development. Canny is at a Beta/Proof of Concept stage. Though the title is no longer under active development, there is a special place in my heart for it, as it is the first game I ever built from the ground up.
This video shows progress made on the project from first time ever using Unity 3D to it’s latest state.

My Role: I took on several roles for this project, initially I worked on design and programming, but ended up doing music, animation and special effects.


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