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Microsoft <3 Xamarin

Microsoft has acquired Xamarin. It has finally happened, and while a few years back this would have been horrifying news, I’m actually OK with it now.

This news is exciting for a few different reasons. It raises many questions, and opens up a whole ton of possibilities for .NET development in a multi-platform world.

Scripting Tips Unity

7 Random Tips for Unity Developers

I’m fairly active in the Unity community, both locally, and online. During my time working as a Unity dev, I’ve seen some bad code, a lot of horrible code, and some good code. I’ve been been lucky enough to feast my eyes upon some great code. The tips that follow are merely based on my observations and experience.

I’m by no means a programming god, and these are not commandments, but I’ve found some success in following these tips. Hopefully some of you can find these helpful as well.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

Random Thoughts Technology Unity

The End of Browser Games?


With the recent news of Adobe Flash been re-branded as Adobe Animate (Animate CC, to be exact), and the less-recent news that Mozilla would follow in Google’s footsteps in pulling the plug on NPAPI for Firefox, browser-based games are left in a somewhat awkward spot. Unity has moved away from their web player in (desperate) favor of WebGL. Where do they go from here?


UE4 Sidecsroller Character [WIP]

Not all animations are in yet, so that accounts for the wonkiness in some places.

Took the base sample project for a platformer in UE4 and added a bunch of features:
Double Jump
Wall Jump
Dash (8-directional)
Binary Facing Direction (instead of the default lerp)
Dash Effects (a la Infamous:SS)
C++ to Blueprint Events for relevant features
Custom AnimInstance (not seen)

Upcoming additions are:
Ledge Hang/Climb
Wall Cling/Run
Wall Dash


LM Tomorrow

Here is a video for a project I worked on a few years back. Just stumbled upon it recently.

Get it on the app store 

Portfolio Subvert

Early Subvert Prototype


In later versions, we moved on to a modified version of an OTS FPS package on the asset store, but early on, all the character controls were handled by our own code. Here’s a peek at a demo scene we put together for the (unreleased) Armory Demo.

Art was done by a few team members, with all the programming and post-processing effects done by me.

Check it out below: